Good morning.

  1. Well, Ms Althouse has the best response to gun nuttery in the wake of the CT shootings (and for the rhetorically challenged, a little explanation of what is being said).
  2. And so, here are some of the Presidents options on controlling gay community/activity in the wake of the U-Penn/Sandusky affair.
  3. Mental health? Actually … there was a WSJ article this morning (likely behind pay-walls) that pointed out only 47% of the similar shootings in the last 30 years have been linked to mental illness. So … even if we “fixed” our mental health it isn’t going to be the fix we might hope (that is 90% or better). The Norway shooter for example was not clinically insane (how about just plain evil?).
  4. Speaking of evil.
  5. And a homily in response to Friday’s events.
  6. Timelines, Timelords, and liturgy.
  7. What will “he” do.
  8. Warming and solar variation. “perhaps because … ” … ya think?
  9. More weather, err, climate stuff.
  10. Scholastic majors.
  11. New world maladies.
  12. Flee.
  13. Connecting abortion and child support.

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