Oh. Happy birthday to me. I’m 51 today. We’ll see if we can keep ’em (birthday’s that is) coming.

  1. So do public service teachers union come into this story or not?
  2. More on schools here.
  3. Plan and market.
  4. Powerful predictor not so powerful after all.
  5. Taking the gun rhetoric seriously for a moment.  And gussy up a false dichotomy with pretty graphics and its still a false dichotomy. Seriously. Hint … to the non-religious liberal who thinks evil doesn’t exist and all crime is just illness … read Midgely’s book Wickedness. Mary Midgely is a renknowned British moral philospher. It’s not a hard read.
  6. Or not at all. Let’s see what was Congress’ first suggestion ban “assault” rifles … you know they are used in less than 2% of crimes like the one in the news and not in the current case.
  7. And the idiot who shouted “ban all Glock’s” calls others ignorant. Let’s see, Glock makes semi-automatic pistols which are inexpensive, accurate, and reliable. The are one of a dozen manufacturers who make similar products. But let’s ban just the one. Why? Dunno. Let’s ban “high capacity” magazines, ’cause it takes a second and a half to change magazines. That’s clearly the limiting step.
  8. Slurp.
  9. So what triggered the shooter? Perhaps, the threat of involuntary incarceration in a mental health institution. Which in turns suggests he needed it.
  10. Race and shootings.
  11. Wheee!
  12. Not forgetting the economic crises.

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