Good morning.

  1. For those who believe polls are useful tools.
  2. Center of mass and the bullet.
  3. More grist for the drone/symmetry discussion.
  4. Trust, equilibria, and the economy.
  5. The Arab “Spring”, which still demands the scare quote.
  6. A gift, response and interview.
  7. How not to avoid negative propaganda.
  8. Mr Obama’s ironic “you’re not being specific” critique, which alas was probably not intended as irony … but there you are.
  9. Speaking of irony. What’s a mass murderer have to do these days, eh?
  10. Japan and Guadalcanal.
  11. Two phrases that should never appear together “humungus challenge” and “toilet availability”.
  12. Unscientific poll.
  13. For the uniformed the reason for the criticism is the former President met with the families instead of sending a form letter. It’s about contrast.

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