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  1. Approaching the Nativity and the seasonal liturgical practices of the East.
  2. An upcoming discussion.
  3. Does that exhaust the choices?
  4. So … it has to end? What? Now, do you figure we’ll see the liberal/progressive press and thinkers all figuring out how to revamp mental healthcare in America? Or will they stupidly and mindlessly go after things that won’t make a difference? Or how to organize fast (armed?) responses to violence in public places? Or will they use this as an opportunity to steal more liberties from the people?
  5. Foot votes.
  6. Very pretty.
  7. Negative to vastly outweigh the positive. Which describes most of what Washington does these days. Which is why gridlock is the voters choice.
  8. Metrics.
  9. What the modern progressives seek … uniformity trumps all else?
  10. One progressive argues for legalizing automatic guns and good body armor for civilians.
  11. Small government conservatism begins here.
  12. Minding Midgley … is it detecting mental health problems … or just locating actual evil in our midst?
  13. Why?

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