Well, at first I was out this morning but thing happened and I’m back ensconced in my office nest.

  1. Dostoevsky and Chavez.
  2. Giddyap.
  3. Incitement with purpose.
  4. A Democrat slips his chains.
  5. Palestine using drones?
  6. Hmm.
  7. Noted at the High Court.
  8. Is this right? And … do ya think the same would occur if the shirt was plugging the other party?
  9. Is this a plug for nuclear power?
  10. Ethics and study.
  11. Putting the “employment uptick” in context. More here.
  12. China’s Solyndra problem.
  13. Pedestrians and the roundabout.
  14. On bicycles and helmets. I’ll add in at least one crash I experienced in a race, I definitely felt the helmet smack very hard into the asphalt and it cracked. I suffered no concussion and was unharmed (except for the usual road rash). I credit the helmet.  If you crash and you have a helmet, replace it even if you think the helmet looks fine.
  15. Of online morals debates.
  16. The Chicago way.
  17. Ms Warren and her legal practice.
  18. Japan and the single life.

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