Good morning.

  1. Of parents and the high court.
  2. Well, that was quite a bender!
  3. Sounds like the three monkey’s strategy (hear no, see no, speak no … evil -> and it will go away?).
  4. And speaking of standing up for legal protections.
  5. Some more 9/11 links.
  6. Soc Sec not a Ponzi scheme … it’s worse!
  7. An early film.
  8. Fraud in academic research.
  9. Climatology … and pressures of politics.
  10. Bike share and Madisonian politics.
  11. When the “innocent explanation is not Good.” Oops.
  12. Heresy (if you’re a Democrat), at least in practice if not declaration.
  13. Dance lessons for the non-musically inclined.
  14. Noting a better monastic practice.
  15. Engine tech.
  16. Media bias?

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