Good morning.

  1. Truth in advertising and the Internet.
  2. That’s odd. The employment people haven’t been citing that as a good thing.
  3. A different sort of apologetics.
  4. Turing test and its damage to personhood.
  5. Engine tech.
  6. So, the Dems and their government threat of shutdown … as wagging the dog?
  7. For, to bring beauty to your Monday morning, Sarah Brightman.
  8. A book recommended. Mr Schraub didn’t like it, but I think he suffers a bit from the Risky Business problem, for it “effs with his (future) livelihood.”
  9. China making breakthroughs in safe Nuclear. Well, we certainly aren’t doing any research in that direction. Mostly, because our leaders are fools and idiots.
  10. Politics and budget.
  11. A school practicuum
  12. Crossing boundaries.

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