Good morning.

  1. A film noted.
  2. Better than CNN for news on Japan.
  3. Lenten links
  4. The Lenten prototype. Jesus, it might be noted, remarks on “when you fast” … not “if you fast” implying that the whether question regarding the fast is assumed.
  5. Byzantine revival.
  6. What happens when you can’t do High School Physics.
  7. Fears for Nuclear Energies future? I’ve seen nuclear energy proponents talking about this as a big blow, however I’ve not seen any triumphial remarks from nuclear energy detractors pointing to this as a proof positive that nuclear energy is too dangerous to consider.
  8. Gender pay gap and abortion.
  9. Quake and the bike.
  10. Quake and seapower.
  11. Quake and the voice of God.
  12. Ramblings on the US and our worldview.
  13. Mr Bush’s new book a capsule summary/review.
  14. Raising kids and atheism, a question asked.

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