Good morning.

  1. Cats … or is a dig at the modern atheists?
  2. Death and the road.
  3. State visit, and suggestions.
  4. Ordinary or extra-ordinary?
  5. Unintended (or not?) consequences of affirmative action. It’s not sexism, is aff-action and consequence. If you lower standards for groups, people expect that standards were lowered. People are odd that way.
  6. Replacing the meditative staring into fire at night.
  7. A suggestion for marriage.
  8. Our President (with a little Presidential hypocrisy noted) and the courts.
  9. What I fail to understand is how/why the liberal/progressives manage to not get outraged by this sort of thing. Don’t they think a reliable media is important?
  10. Our budget watchdogs.
  11. Taking on the Volcker rule.
  12. A little maths to go with your morning coffee.

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