Good morning.

  1. Starting on a lighter note
  2. Moving to a patriotic one, albeit not for my country but the sentiments translate (literally).
  3. Which leads to my question, not exactly about any particular point made by the linked essay, but on the same topic. So many people, and they might be right for all I know, equate political success directly with campaign spending. How does that work? Just about every ad I’ve seen for candidate A (bought by/paid for by candidate A) shifts me more toward the other side. Every call from candidate A makes me more annoyed with him than not. So how then does spending translate into votes?
  4. Love your neighbor dude. Try it.
  5. Choice.
  6. Can you imagine? Government obstruction? Golly.
  7. More here, of a different sort.
  8. Ho hum? I didn’t see this in any papers. Have you? How about on your other news sources? Why? Why not?
  9. Right on the heels of Mr Obama’s speech announcing victory over al-Qaeda.
  10. That pay disparity.
  11. And some more maths fun.
  12. One way to cool your thirst on a long ride. Not the usual way however.
  13. A bookend, back to the light with a contrast of sorts.

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