Well, the morning and lunchtime were busy … and Wednesday I’m back out to Western Illinois. Tuesday … well well. About six weeks ago my eldest very very introverted daughter suddenly became a baseball (White Sox) fan. So … we’re (a) learning about baseball and (b) going to the Sox/Yankees game Tuesday night with a pair of free upper deck tix. So now I’m paying for those decades a cyclist thinking that baseball is almost not a sport (and don’t let me get started on golf).

  1. On prayer and fasting.
  2. Tuff enuff?
  3. From the side of the aisle hiding the Holodomor and Katyn forest deniers … just treatment of some other deniers celebrated. In that light, I’ll recommend this book Bloodlands, which I read recently.
  4. And a little context for the above.
  5. Lilith.
  6. On the monastic calling.
  7. More books.
  8. Religion poisons everything … or perhaps not.
  9. crazy way to make a living, eh?
  10. GM
  11. The left and right ‘splained to a youngster.

And now my other daughter wants to borrow this computer … so, perhaps more tomorrow.

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