1. Of light and customs in the East.
  2. Praise of hypocrisy?
  3. A book reviewed (and a short interview with the author).
  4. I’m in the seventh week of the Lenten fast, like bacon, and that doesn’t look remotely appetizing.
  5. Size … and history.
  6. Polical philosophy, economics, and turf wars.
  7. Wheden and FOX.
  8. In order to marry my little girl ….
  9. Why … did He rise?
  10. Speaking of hypocrisy.
  11. Well perhaps hypocrisy isn’t the right word here … but “I’ve participated in such protests before” but your reasons don’t meet my standards so you’re protest is clearly motivated by greed alone is really ill considered.
  12. “Stress tests”
  13. More on Tuesday Matins service on the Harlot and the Disciple.
  14. Why tea parties? One explanation.
  15. Well, I don’t think it’s clear that their response is religiously motivated so perhaps Jihad is the wrong term.

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