Good morning to y’all.

  1. An idea … seems not so good to me. Whaddya all think?
  2. American cryptography done right, a last survivor passes on.
  3. So, what in the FDA is being done to cut this time to market down. If the answer is “nothing” as I suspect it is, then the FDA is failing its primary function.
  4. Mr Obama on OWS, Chicago hasn’t to my knowledge had a big OWS presence compared to other cities, but the smell of human waste was quite noticeable last weekend.
  5. While I’d agree that continued employment and bonus should be tied to performance, I’m not convinced “standardized tests” are a good metric.
  6. Mr Wright noted approvingly.
  7. Perhaps not the expected reaction given the litany of events?
  8. A closeup of an unusual missile launch, and I have to say this is a (welcome) contrast to the Vietnam era drug abuse means of dealing with stress and boredom.

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