Good morning.

  1. Badda boom.
  2. Badda bing bang biff.
  3. After the room has been left.
  4. Actually, I think the reason the mainstream pressers haven’t been anthro-warming this thing is that lots of snow is predicted.
  5. So, where does e-reading come in?
  6. Castle law, ultimately I think I’m OK with this law, how about y’all?
  7. Evolution and milk.
  8. Evolution and forks.
  9. Libya links.
  10. Stress and temperature changes.
  11. Tools and the artisan.
  12. A book noted.
  13. After a long day, rest with a hippo.
  14. On drones.
  15. The testimony of the convict.
  16. In the slightly more liberal land than ours.
  17. Comparing questions.
  18. A heartbeat from the President lurks … what?

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