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  1. What is Dominionism?
  2. So, the Administration now tries to optimize that which is already being aggressively optimized. And to think the difference between this admin and the prior is that the current one is alledgely smart. Perhaps a correction on that notion is needed.
  3. Anti-intellectualism is an American trope, not liberal/conservative.
  4. Not true I for example, never pay attention to Mr Buffet.
  5. Here’s a slightly snarky response to Mr Buffet.
  6. How about a cynical one?
  7. Our admin continues the abandonment of Taiwan.
  8. Duh. We’re not known as a petroleum based economy for no reason.
  9. Guns and bars.
  10. Speaking of guns ….
  11. Global politics, networks and an interesting conversation.
  12. Top ten weird ideas (held by Mr Perry)… alas not very interesting or weird at all.
  13. Campaign paid for by taxpayers
  14. 5 Questions posed by a liberal that “conservatives can’t answer” … I guess it helps to never listen to actual conservatives. Answers are to those questions are not hard to find. The first (two) are quite obvious (and alas the same question). I think I can do it in two or three sentences. Let’s consider the economy as a mountain climber … stimulus is like giving the climber more caffeine. Regulations are like additional weights holding him down. Uncertainty is like spraying lubricants on the rock. How speed his climb without giving him caffeine? Hmm. To a liberal apparently there is no way to do that. The real question on such a thing is why the liberal mind things that more caffeine is the only possible response. 

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