Good morning.

  1. A chicken egg question. (and for the original question, it seems clear genetically the answer must be egg). 
  2. Of science and god.
  3. An Orthodox Jewish convert noted.
  4. Fer the Palin fans. The most attractive thing, alas(?), about a Palin candidacy is the fits it will incite on sectors of the left.
  5. Global warming.
  6. Simpson-Bowles discussed.
  7. Blogging as an activity.
  8. Some wonderful puns to enjoy.
  9. The FDA puts its two cents in against Irish coffee. As an aside, Mr Hemmingway used to use the combination of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and nicotine as a truth serum to bust writers bloc (Irish coffee and cigars). 
  10. Hiring practices.
  11. Bang bang.
  12. Ban lawyers from battlefields.
  13. A hero interviewed. So … how many people in your company would list her as a modern hero? How many kids today?
  14. Academics in the beltway.

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