Good morning.

  1. Predators@Home … more here.
  2. A book unrecommended.
  3. Money and the (illegal) drug pipeline.
  4. I have no idea what right wing/left wing means in this context.
  5. Shocking, err, well what is sort of shocking is the gourmet fare the “1%ers” get for school lunches.
  6. Pointing out the “bizarro econ” world the President inhabits.
  7. Reverse smuggling anyone?
  8. A Groseclose collaborator gets noticed for his work.
  9. Grousing about Ms Clinton.
  10. The left wants national health care, I guess that’s because the figure the way to help the bottom 10% is to make sure the bottom 90% have the health care poorer than the bottom 10% have now. That will somehow be “better” because it will  be “fairer.” Riiight.
  11. Don’t worry, he’s just a teacher.
  12. Music.
  13. Toodles then.

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