Good morning. 0 (F) this morning … expecting -10 or less tomorrow. Cool, eh? (heh)

  1. Regulation.
  2. Mr Krugman talks more on climate. Oops.
  3. High in the Coptic government. Some more here from Japan.
  4. A book noted.
  5. How to jump to a really bad example to (not?) demonstrate a point. The question is asked, in sports, does firing the coach help win championships. If it didn’t why do they keep doing it over and over and over?
  6. Speaking of sports, a good example.
  7. More sports talk here.
  8. Liberals sounding like “right wingers”.
  9. How that budget neutrality works, by moving it to kill state budgets … oh, and your budget too.
  10. All the hypocrisy that’s fit to print.
  11. You can choose your ideology … or not. Perhaps by choose he meant change.
  12. Of Cairo and Chicago.

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