Good morning.

  1. As I’m from Chicago, some Bears talk, here and here. I thought the first well written.
  2. Someone forgot it’s not ants, but white mice.
  3. Wealth and birth rate.
  4. I’m not sure what the heck that man is doing, but the tag “pic of the day” is not inappropriate.
  5. Ms O’Donnell
  6. A prayer-as-humor?
  7. On Tea Parties and here on their likely future.
  8. A rejoinder to “It’s hard to believe Republicans would get much support if people were smarter” might be that if people were smarter we wouldn’t require the Democratic nanny state and therefore we’d all be small government Republicans.
  9. Verse, for me, though the lens of Google translate.
  10. Travels completed (for now).
  11. Talking about a somewhat unserious study on cutting government spending, inasmuch as in my brief look for the authors government spending does not include entitlements at all, which makes it quite unserious as a not insignificant piece.
  12. Great news, and is this a Geek thing? Epsilon? Our first was “Floid” prior to birth, the “i” instead of “y” a pointer to computer automation and such geekery.
  13. On boredom
  14. Well, recently I noted a father/son exchange quoted, here’s another with a different flavor.

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