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  1. Independence day.
  2. On being a foreigner.
  3. A Gitmo grad.
  4. From our Government motors.
  5. Considering Sophocles.
  6. While I too think I “know what you mean“, I think what you don’t mean is what is true, i.e., safety is not possible.
  7. Salvadore Dali-bike.
  8. How to shut up a professional ethicist … sort of.
  9. The “GOP” is “deeply unserious” about addressing … hmm, I’d say that’s an unnecessary qualification. Politicians are unserious about most matters, healthcare being just one of them.
  10. The “tea leaves” are not hard to understand. The missing piece is that cricket races (polls) are almost universally meaningless.
  11. On the defence of detainee lawyers.
  12. We need more of this.
  13. But what we will get is this sort of thing … in healthcare … in spades, which has already happened in that Congress has exempted itself and their aides from the healthcare legislation.
  14. 64 “teams” … who will win?
  15. Just say no? For those who claim this HC bill will not affect healthcare innovation … how will a “medical device tax” spur innovation and improvements?

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