Good morning.

  1. Same sex marriage and cricket races … or gosh why are the polls always so wrong (and for political science types … apparently “because polls are astoundingly inaccurate instruments” is not the answer. It’s why we call them cricket races after all.).
  2. Mr Krugman beats his wife less these days. Oh, wait that was supposed to be this link. I think however the logical fallacy is the same.
  3. Domino effects.
  4. A Greek popular singer and a change of lifestyle.
  5. The atheist worldview and similarities to fatalism.
  6. In our money based culture … putting a value on the homemaker.
  7. Of guns, control, and revolution.
  8. Soteriology.
  9. Income inequality.
  10. Trade and a book.
  11. How to effectively help the third world.
  12. Headlines and unintended consequences (predicted).
  13. Heh.

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