Good morning.

  1. A proxy for Presidential popularity measured.
  2. Smash, with color.
  3. Hmmm. China’s growth and cost.
  4. Uhm, auto-stop features do not require hybrid cars, even though auto-stop is found on all hybrids.
  5. Repurpose your bike pump?
  6. The priest in the brothel.
  7. The Canon of St. Andrew, Ukraine and I’d show you pictures from our parish … but our parish website has no perma-links for photos for the next few days you can see them here.
  8. Gender imbalance and economic risk taking.
  9. Unintended consequences of consumer protectionism, although I’d suggest those “unintended” consequences were in fact easily predictable.
  10. ID and a Constitutional can of worms.
  11. Three Lenten meal suggestions.
  12. Words to fear.
  13. Women in science.
  14. Recent discussions on the ontological argument discussed.

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