Well, tomorrow we head back to the Midwest by Amtrak and Amtrak (and finally Metra and a car). For those interested that’s mostly the NorthEast Corridor from Trenton to Washington DC, and then the Capitol Limited to Chicago. Our roundtrip was a little over $700 for 4 adults. Not bad.

  1. The other parent trap.
  2. Pretty woman … gets fired.
  3. Insurance and gun ownership.
  4. More on guns, bottom line: gun ownership is sharply up over the last few decades and gun violence is trending consistently down. So … why the dialog on guns?
  5. Names or not. What does it mean?
  6. To read?
  7. Unintended does not mean not anticipated.
  8. Three new blogs to watch via kbj.
  9. Moving on from Afghanistan.
  10. Benedict on Epiphany.
  11. A blog entry to read to the tune of “all I want for Christmas is …”

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