Well, I hope everyone (who wanted to) had a good Christmas celebration.

  1. Papua.
  2. Stall speed of 45 mph.
  3. What do you predict Mr blog-pundit? I predict lots of confounded predictions.
  4. To the Happy Holidays (Holidays = Holy Days btw) vs Merry Christmas debate, Orthodox tradition has this as its Nativity declamation (which is done in a declamation/response form … Pascha/Easter the declamation/response is Christ is Risen/He is Risen Indeed). So, if you want to push the Merry Christmas humbugger’s buttons declaim “Christ is born!” instead … if you don’t get the response (Glorify him!) after a pause supply it yourself.
  5. Why saftey nets should have lots of suck.
  6. Needed, more cheeky mavericks.
  7. At the same time you complain they couldn’t make this show any more … it is still being broadcast (and likely watched).
  8. Let’s see, a few days ago there was a “strong indicator” that wasn’t. Here is another indicator … perhaps strong.

Gun control

  1. So, do you think it new regulations will pass (or even be voted on by) Congress?
  2. Those “big” effects that gun controllers … all that new regulation and laws they want for .1 to .3 per 10,000?
  3. And … what prohibition would get you.
  4. And a congress-critter doesn’t actually realize that women own/buy guns too? He apparently believes the CT shooter’s mom was “testosterone fueled”.
  5. Apparently to the irrational liberal “left in the car” means “used”.

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