Yikes, I’m running late. A few links?

  1. A little political humor.
  2. Not getting the IVF press.
  3. Of drugs, alcohol and policy.
  4. Of Obama’s reaching for (more) executive power, here and here. Ya think “ineffective Senate (legislature)” was not a reason Rome went Imperial? It worked so so well for them.
  5. So, the BBC takes a story … and where do they go with it? The question is, are liberals offended by this too?
  6. A little size disparity.
  7. A metaphor for the nanny state? (see item #4).
  8. Well, they grow on trees ya know!
  9. question asked, why is this more than a 2 hour trial?
  10. A question about Colson and the Watergate kerfuffle.
  11. The problem of positive errors.

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