Good morning.

  1. So. If we knew how it would turn out, would we do it anyhow?
  2. Facts about the earthquake
  3. Some meta-links, or a set of interesting links posted here.
  4. Is Outrage!
  5. Incentives. And … where do their incentives lie?
  6. Our spending woes or … the satirical version.
  7. Motor Oil (googling around, I found Exxon/Mobil also has developed for testing a similar oil).
  8. Not getting the whole broken windows thing. Yes. The window (appliance) dealer might do well, and yes people might dip into the college fund to rebuild … but that just means they can’t spend or invest that money elsewhere.
  9. Obama. Man of action … or not. Consistent, yes.
  10. Money and value?
  11. The snake did it.
  12. An interesting question on the Obama mandate-as-tax. What sort of tax, eh?

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