Well, I didn’t get up early enough to write (or post links) and slept in a bit. So … links with comments this morning.

  1. Mr Greenwald asks a question of the left. This might be were one would put a hope/change sort of dig … but I won’t go there (oops). This item will be referred to below, btw.
  2. The left takes on “corporatism” here and here, and ignores the elephant in the room. That’s right when you compare the power and ability of corporations to do ill with that of government clearly corporations are the greater evil … if of course you are severely brain damaged. How one can escape the 20th century and not realize that Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the Khmer Rouge were not all leaders of mega-corps unleashing their corporate stooges but … wait for it … government leaders using government forces. The answer to counter corporate malfeasance is not increased government power and oversight (see item #1 above). It takes something more like, well, this. Tea parties (the original more than the latter) come to mind.
  3. A chart, which in turn demonstrates the gullibility of Democrats (and political junkies) who believe the results of about any damn poll. More seriously instead of reading tea leaves for your opinion of the other side, try getting to know some.
  4. An interesting painting.
  5. Two useful criteria when defining religion.
  6. Mr Obama does something which makes the right applaud.  Now we will have to wait for the left to figure out that means that its those evil corporations are pushing into space. Of course the right isn’t universally happy about everything Mr Obama does. But that goes without saying. Here’s something else to applaud (on the right), and it doesn’t hurt that in doing so he breaks a campaign promise.
  7. TARP and incentives. Oops. And other ways in which the administration sneaks government growth under the radar.
  8. Mr O’Keefe (consider the Ukraine link above in #2 above).
  9. On that film Avatar. Heh.
  10. 1984 and Mr Obama.
  11. A DADT compromise suggested. Comments?
  12. An Orthodox hymn.
  13. Watching economists dicker.

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