I keep thinking it’s Friday … I’m going to be sorely disappointed tomorrow I suspect.

  1. The confused left leaning hagiography of Ms Sanger.
  2. Why the problem noted is a government concern is left unargued.
  3. How to radically misread Hayek. Mob “wisdom” is not what asymmetrical information implies.
  4. Truth to power? Wearing a cross in class.
  5. Workplace fridge etiquette and a little (extreme?!) payback.
  6. Eyeroll.
  7. Better regulations to fix the problem perhaps not
  8. Speaking of regulations … (hint: read the book)
  9. A mini-review of a book that should be highly recommended.
  10. Those evil corporate dudes cashing in while their company crashes. Oh, wait
  11. In case you thought your commute was bad. Feel better now?
  12. Weird conveyances .. here and here.

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