Good morning.

  1. Are these ideas past their expiration?
  2. The IPCC and a contributor.
  3. Apparently to be on the left, you need to check your sense of humor at the door.
  4. What to do about Burma.
  5. Interesting video sequence.
  6. book recommended, I got it and started reading it.
  7. Another book.
  8. And one more book, which I haven’t read, but is now in my inbox.
  9. Stupid school administration tricks.
  10. A translation of “too big to fail.”
  11. Innocent until proven guilty … so how do y’all feel about Mr Cain in that context?
  12. The primary case against Mr Gingrich.
  13. Unprepared for (the extend of the inroads of) moral relativism.
  14. Cool tech.
  15. Prison and imprisonment … here and here.
  16. Searching for Diogenes … or the  candidate furthest from the amazingly dishonest norm (such as Mr Obama)?

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