1. Farming in Sri Lankaand politics.
  2. On that topic, development and tech.
  3. Repression … another view.
  4. Nuclear weapons, the Middle East and Pakistan.
  5. The shatter zone near Iran.
  6. On corporate law and the bailout … and the implications of a large stake-holding government sharesholder immune to corporate and private commerce regulations.
  7. On the “Invention of lying” a good premise gone astray (twice?).
  8. On Ms Ostrom, here and here and here.
  9. Hobbes and the Kingdom of Darkness.
  10. Anti-Semitism and the dog that didn’t bark in the night.
  11. Afghanistan.
  12. Human rights and healthcare
  13. A life in pictures. 😀
  14. More humor here.
  15. Democrat policy and employment.
  16. Democrats and incentives (and some media bias noted as well).
  17. And a film recommended.

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