1. It’s not just “about the kids”, in the post-modern political climate regulation attempts to replace judgement
  2. Consequentialism continues here.
  3. The Book.
  4. The church in Ethiopia.
  5. More on Ms Ostrom and the tragedy of the commons. Here too.
  6. LDS, a painting and Mr Skousen.
  7. The OCA a church designed to disappear.
  8. Nobel humor.
  9. Don’t hate Wal-Mart, it’s just a consequence of Equality by Default … Just a natural outworking of the liberal project.
  10. Rights talk.
  11. It has been claimed that the left has dropped communism … which might be a premature statement.
  12. A new poster/voice at the Agora.
  13. So … whadya think? Are the Democrats going to commit political suicide or not? Or in the words of the link, “I’m skeptical.  I think it is more likely is that this thing passes, and fails spectacularly.  There are too many moving parts, and if any of them breaks, the whole thing rapidly starts to spin out of control and eat a gigantic hole in the deficit.” … and subsequently doom them politically.
  14. That Zeigeist thing, see the last few sentences.
  15. Mr Obama emulating the worst tendencies of the Nixon admin. Hmm.
  16. Of maths and economics.

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