1. Bicycle thief gets his.
  2. As we keep giving more and more power to government … hmmmm.
  3. A Liberal wakes up (HT: Mr Leiter)
  4. That notion as a trend noted here.
  5. Two voices now being heard.
  6. Mr Bernanke’s influences.
  7. Count me as interested.
  8. More DS-9 discussion and alas it still hasn’t gotten to the dollar theatre so I haven’t seen it yet … but I will.
  9. Old Testament ethics.
  10. On healthcare, Ms McArdle notes, ” Health care reform has not survived the worst Republicans can throw at it.  It’s survived–barely–the opening volley.”
  11. On that same topic, this will be discussed ad infinitum (or ad nasueam).
  12. On Anathem a short discussion, which book launguishes on my floor waiting for me to get ’round toit.
  13. Upping the ante.
  14. A cup of cold water.
  15. In the “ask not what” theme.
  16. For myself, I don’t think he gets it. I suggest that Mr Obama being himself a radical progressive is just playing to type.
  17. Smoke, mirrors, and the gospel.
  18. Ms Parks and the Christian life, a hint.

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