Good day. White smoke, eh?

  1. conservative revolutionary.
  2. Some background.
  3. More.
  4. From down under.

In other news

  1. A review in the old style.
  2. How many “G’s” in goggle? When the answer is … 2.
  3. Well, when your combatants are comfortably at home, micro-managing is not impossible.
  4. A category which describes almost all the 2nd generation wealthy individuals.
  5. ’cause I don’t have principles, why would I suspect anyone else might?
  6. Obama’s North African legacy.
  7. This doesn’t quite ring true to me, but it’s close.
  8. Suicide statistics, indicator of hope and happiness?
  9. A natural consequence of a skewed press, progressives need to explain why this is a good thing.
  10. Majorities of both parties watch.

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