Good morning.

  1. “Pragmatism” … in a politician it seems to me pragmatism is another way of saying one’s word is not one’s bond.
  2. Going down the toilet (near you coming soon?).
  3. Misplacing blame.
  4. Four Tea party myths held by the left analyzed from the left (HT: MP).
  5. Speaking of the Tea Party … a candidate and his bike.
  6. There’s a reason why a really badly edited book was on my “book of the year” list a few years back. It has a lot of important and striking ideas in it.
  7. Church architecture and Romania. Romanian churches feature hand painted iconography covering the exterior of the church in the style you can see in the image shown. 
  8. Really bad use of statistics.
  9. Of party and politics (HT: neo-neo).
  10. Of Physics envy. So … is economics a 4 (or a 5)? Do economists think they are in a 2 regime?
  11. In which Mr Krugman is shown to misuse statistics as badly as the people in #8.
  12. A hunger strike of which I was completely unaware. How about you?
  13. The Church in India.
  14. Not stopping to pee.

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