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  1. What? Was Monday “weird literary comparison day” and nobody informed me? Mr Greenwald starts the game off with a really weird allusion in his first sentence. Now is that the Mr Baum witch (Dorothy) or the Mr McGuire (Wicked) one? Does he really believe that there exist there that the set of decent serious people has 100% overlap with those who think Ms McDonnell is “the Wicked Witch.” Seriously? That’s just dumb.
  2. The Vatican apparently is not to be outdone on WLC day. I say apparently because you can’t always take Protestants as accurate when the report on what Roman Catholics say.
  3. The word canon and what it meant (and should mean?).
  4. “Do-over” and mortgages. I think you’d be hard pressed to come up with a worse idea than that one, economically speaking. 
  5. Uncertainty and regulation.
  6. Follow up on the Constitutional discussion regarding compulsory insurance.
  7. Russia, a call to “man up.” 
  8. So, if your labor ain’t worth $14 an hour -> no job.
  9. Recommended reading for the thoughtful.

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