1. Criticism of Mr Obama from Israel.
  2. Inconsistency on Mr Obama’s part regarding democracy.
  3. Mainstream press marginalizes itself, and the case of Ms Palin is demonstrative.
  4. The monastic tradition.
  5. Redefining the renewable car.
  6. Who’s “betting” against him? Now working against him, that’s another story.
  7. And here’s a reason why it’s important to work against him.
  8. Ethics of empathy as will to power.
  9. Learning from literature, duh. If you learn nothing from, say, A day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch or Brave New World or The Brothers Karamazov or …. (the list goes on) you can’t learn anything.
  10. The latest news from David Wayne and his cancer.
  11. The left, still trying to keep life hard for the poor.
  12. Well, now that the employment is completely recovered it can be kicked around again.
  13. The risings costs of veterinary costs matching (human) healthcare is a meme being kicked around. Both sides try to swing this in their favor, when really it’s just a sign of the fact that both are skilled labor intensive endeavours.
  14. GI Joe.
  15. Memory Eternal.
  16. Of shop class.
  17. Probably.

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