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  1. Climate changers and the law.
  2. Exactly a point I’ve been (unsuccessfully I think) been trying to make repeatedly.
  3. Well, I wish I had time to listen to this.
  4. Those three young girls rioting in Russia cathedrals. Imagine for a moment that the Polish President, Mr Komorowski, was a practicing catholic and some rock group interrupted a catholic service of remembrance for the slain at Auschwitz. Would they be defended strongly … or would even the left suggest that there is a place and a time for political activism.  Read the link for some context.
  5. Speaking of which.
  6. Eat and run … yer not doing it right.
  7. Remember the press is very very blue. Not so much the readers.
  8. Using your hammer to hammer.
  9. RepRap? Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting.
  10. Trade wars.
  11. Educational?
  12. That cheap overseas labor … fixed. See more here? And more.
  13. Mr Obama against Obamacare on principles.
  14. On the left side of the aisle, saying thank you = sucking up. Weird.

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