Good morning.

  1. Considerations regarding anti-trust.
  2. Uncertainty regarding the government and the recovery. I think this is a big factor in the slowness of the recovery. The administration has showed its willingness to swing a big sledge hammer at the economy … and the uncertainty which way that hammer will rock is one of the big reasons for caution in the business sector.
  3. On teachers unions.
  4. And they say Chicago politics is dirty.
  5. Defining tradition and the church in a way that I’d think makes it more difficult for the Protestant to reject.
  6. Ms O’Donnell and her opponent.
  7. The center reviews the Constitutional challenges to Obamacare.
  8. Looking for mystery fiction.
  9. About those culture wars.
  10. Puppies and love.
  11. Bang!
  12. Regarding last night’s post on economic inequality.
  13. Has Mr Biden ever ever done one thing which was commendable?
  14. A Catholic priest and a sex scandal.

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