1. Promises, promises … footnote clarified.
  2. (more) Detroit chapter 9 notes here (soon to be followed by Illinois and California perhaps?).
  3. The opposite of eutrapelia is …  (find out here).
  4. My wife’s patron saint noted.
  5. Sticking to the party line without thinking has consequences.
  6. Yikes.
  7. So …. the IRS scandal does reach the white house. Woops.
  8. Of nekkid and the nood.
  9. Some notes on free will from someone likely allergic to Polanyi (esp the book Personal Knowlege).
  10. So that jet setting SUV driving green activists can use even more energy zipping about the world telling us all we are horrible wasters of resources.
  11. Of feasting and fasting (although not using those words).
  12. Mr Biden skewered by his own words … compare this and this.

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