So. Our Congress critters are concerned about jobs and the economy. A few innocent questions:

  1. Consider the minimum wage. If I cut it in half, I can hire twice as many people for low skilled positions. So then, does increasing or decreasing the minimum wage increase employment? If the answer is decreasing, how long will it take our Democratic dominated beltway to remember this?
  2. I’d support eliminating a national minimum wage in favor of a international one. Currently that would set the minimum wage at what, about $1 per diem. Perhaps a push for an Kyoto-like international accord moving that to $3 or so would push more money to the actual poor in the world instead of the relatively wealthy poor in this country.
  3. How long will it take for the current Democrats in the Beltway to forget that welfare reform worked and return to the welfare policies that destroyed our inner cities in the 60s?

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