1. Flee (E)Utopia.
  2. Man and identity.
  3. Meta-linking, that is to say, Brandon offers links.
  4. Considering pagans down under.
  5. Pascal and poison.
  6. An interesting conundrum for the left, Obama (apparently) wants to spend many billions on infra-structure, i.e., building things. But the left has put up lots of regulation making construction difficult. Hmm, how will that be resolved?
  7. Offensive?
  8. Quashing epiphany?
  9. Upcoming march.
  10. Did you know that?
  11. Reckless language and the “slurs of Andrew Sullivan.”
  12. Theology and Mr Eastwood.
  13. Clauswitz.
  14. Two names not normally linked.
  15. Whence hope?
  16. Answers for the Afro-phile.

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