1. In favor of auto-expire in legislation.
  2. Mr Sullivan’s case considered, more here. The real issue.
  3. One view of the Mr Wilson address outcry kerfuffle.
  4. Philosophy, well, there you go.
  5. Pretty pretty.
  6. Some conservative links.
  7. A stacked deck.
  8. Notes from the tea party. More here and here. And as seen from the other side of the world.
  9. MMA and the gospel, and a question asked.
  10. Of Bangles and bikes (doing “bike like an Egyptian”).
  11. Moving toward a 1 liter (that is 1 liter/100km) car.
  12. On our economic woes.
  13. Untruth in advertising (although it might be noted that it if you take “stoned” literally instead of a figure for execution, it might be true).
  14. Self as illusion, modern science and religion.

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