Good morning. Well, I missed a links post … due to spending an inordinate amount of time in transit. Anyhow, here we go.

  1. Gender, the president and exercise … as much ado about very little.
  2. History and repetition.
  3. Being reviled for His name’s sake … is not exactly a bad thing, no?
  4. Monasticism and Pharisaism (that is legalism). 
  5. For that discussion of virtual church … liturgy and cell phones.
  6. The forgotten people.
  7. Brides doing weird things.
  8. The climate media machine not working so well.
  9. Incentives and working.
  10. Morals and the olfactory senses … I wonder how Lubyanka smelled.
  11. Accountability and US jurisprudence … a question.
  12. Terror networking.
  13. The administration and education.
  14. Asian super-powers.
  15. Money for the walking dead.
  16. Work and faith.
  17. Home and heart.
  18. On elections.
  19. Hmm … it seems to me Mr Biden’s popularity fades in proportion to how much he is noticed.

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