Good morning. Hopefully, we’ll be more consistent in posting this week, even though we have services at Church every evening this week as Lent kicks in with a running start.

  1. And here’s how it starts (more background here)
  2. The progressive past for the US.
  3. Which is likely why suggesting its demise might be a little early. This too.
  4. Although things like this suggest why its demise might be considered.
  5. Our energy President.
  6. Oddly enough, what the President said then, and says now, don’t quite jibe the way he’d probably prefer.
  7. “It’s major weakness” is at home moms … although no support for that statement is given why that is a weakness. Perhaps those economists thing at home moms sit on their couches watching TV and snorting bon bons (and not working as hard or harder than the average working stiff).
  8. This makes no sense at all.
  9. Hard work behind the Lin “miracle.”
  10. The blame/support network of education.
  11. If we had a more balanced press corps.
  12. Mr Krugman forgets he  is one of the rich.
  13. Cinema recommended.

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