This afternoon (finally) I drive home. As another note, in reaction to the “civil discourse” push, I’m pushing back (like this) for the next week or so. So with that being said, let’s lock, load, and line up our sights on some links. 😀

  1. Super Bowl and the President. Chicago is Mr Obama’s “home town.” I live in a town, Lemont, and have lived there for 18+ years. In the eyes of most in my town, I’m a newcomer. I won’t be considered “from Lemont” by those in Lemont until my family has lived there for a few more generations. 
  2. Defining liberalism and a bullet list of points that define the same. Is it right? What’s missing? 
  3. Hydrolic energy storage, of which I know little.
  4. Two deathly posts from Dr Platypus here and here.
  5. I suppose it would help if I knew what “cert” meant.
  6. A conversation to watch unfold.
  7. Obamacare repeal and budget.
  8. A book noted.
  9. Speaking dismissively of athletics for intellectual development. For myself, I started cycling a sport which requires physical perseverance and endurance. Those traits are learn-able and can be improved. My impression is that training has carried over to my perseverance in non-physical matters.
  10. That undulation costs fuel … a counter suggestion.
  11. Last words on Mr L.
  12. And an aphorism on evil.

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