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  1. A strange place to call home.
  2. Looking at global temperature trends.
  3. Cain and Abel, err, Kemp.
  4. Explaining what appears different.
  5. Very very slick.
  6. Obamacare fail. One wonders when all those putatively really smart people will notice that if some of their sure-fire predictions was so off base, how many of their more spectulative notions they based their support for Obamacare are also flawed?
  7. When your first sentence is that silly, I guess there’s no where to go but up. 
  8. What comes of not knowing the first thing about anyone in today’s military, you say insulting things about them. 
  9. So regarding the Wiener affair, this is the consistent meme I see on the left, “I have no problem with people doing ‘that'” but … 
  10. First off, should we “just ignore it” in the first place.
  11. Look ma! No power cable.
  12. Mr Kevorkian … 60% not ill? Well, that’s one way to cure depression, assist them in suicide. 
  13. The choice? Aimless or reckless?
  14. More bad climate science, how does this crap get the light of day?
  15. Krugman vs Krugman.

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