1. A death in Chechnya … and for myself I don’t know Medvedev well enough to know if the scare quotes are an insult or warranted (but my guess would be that the writer of the article doesn’t either).
  2. Double standards and the Middle East.
  3. Judges and theologians … and progressivism.
  4. Criticism for the GOP and Ms Sotomayor.
  5. Analysis of sprinting on a bike … in the context of the world’s best.
  6. As a road cyclist I find the notion that a bike can ride over a curb without noticing it … out of the bounds of my experience.
  7. Inflation can’t save the debt burden if it is locked into entitlements like healthcare, which burden will increase apace.
  8. More on healthcare, in which we discover that for the Dems small business means “hot dog stand.”
  9. Two takes on a Carroll essay on science and religion, here and here.
  10. Online Feynman lectures recommended.
  11. It seems those models on climate on which global warming is based … might not be so good after all.
  12. More on science and religion.
  13. Assisted suicide POV.
  14. Tipping points are not fixed … apparently.

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