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  1. Words, authors, and locations.
  2. Comin’ at ya.
  3. In the wrong black book, recall that one thesis I’m exploring is happiness and individual/wealth based societies vs family/shame based one. Chalk this one up for the family crowd.
  4. The budget limit zombie rises again.
  5. Let’s see … is it ethical? Is it ethical to drive a model of car that, by comparison, gets better mileage, offers better control, and is substantially cheaper. Is it ethical to not do so?
  6. One prediction put down for the record (by a conservative who advocates voting for the sitting President no less).
  7. Harvard Law’s minority member.
  8. Not a good sign when your model looks quite embarrassed to be there.
  9. Will there be an apologetic response from the left?
  10. Which one should be coy about admitting belonging?
  11. In which little substance is code for full of lies and BS.
  12. Food for thought.
  13. Bureaucrats, credentialed or not, aren’t the inventors, developers, scientists, and engineers who have (or don’t have) the credentials that actually matter.
  14. A glass floor in an unusual setting.
  15. On that texting-while-driving crises.

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