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  1. As people in US talk about the lifeguard who was fired because his employer (probably rightly) feared liability suits. This struck me as similar in some ways, culture/politics/law coming to the wrong conclusion.
  2. Academic freedom? Or just a complete lack of pedagogical sanity?
  3. Smelling another big war (read as global conflagration) in the next decade or so.
  4. Hope and prayer … found and needed.
  5. In which the left thinks that painting themselves as the Nazi Jew haters is a good move. I’m just a bit confused by that strategy.
  6. Some advice regarding the tax/Obamacare ruling. I have a question for those watching the “tax vs penalty” debate? Is the child rebate in the tax code a penalty or a tax on those without children?
  7. DADT and the chaplaincy.
  8. Lots of places are citing the large storms resulting in power outages over the Eastern US as signs of global warming, ’cause that storm was so unusual. Alas it wasn’t.
  9. This reminds me of William Safire’s grammar puns, for example “A preposition is something that you should never end a sentence with.”
  10. Recommended books.
  11. A health care “what if” considered.
  12. The culture war and demographic collapse.
  13. A lights show … what I noticed most was the lightning.
  14. ’cause in Florida they dislike shopping at Staples and Home Depot.
  15. And we’ll finish with a slight understatement.

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