Well, Hi there.

  1. Bees and a man.
  2. Rape and India.
  3. Microclimate accuracy and the global data sets. (not unrelated).
  4. Facebook … or at least faces.
  5. Worser and worser.
  6. So, Christians think some guy is God. How’d (when?) did that occur.
  7. speech. Better than the highly partisan post shooting speech our knucklehead-in-chief gave.
  8. Who to save (after Galois, Ramanujan, and Mosely)?
  9. Evagrius. One of those whose writings prompted me to cross the Bosporus.
  10. Risk and vocation.
  11. Because we don’t care to bequeath to our children.
  12. Oh, pshaw. Consider possibilities of Klein bottle  noodles. Eat your solitons … how about fried eggs shaped as Siefert surfaces.
  13. And for a wrap … just hush.

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